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Women’s Sober Living in Weymouth, MA

Strong Community Of Women To Provide Endless Support.


Authentic Recovery Which Is Proven Effective. Over 30 Years Of Experience.


Healing Of The Mind, Body And Spirit


Endless Support For You And Your Loved Ones.


About Us

Hope Beyond Hope is a women’s sober living home in Weymouth, MA. 

Our mission is to provide recovering women a structured and stable environment that enables one the opportunity for personal growth, self-determination, and the foundation for long-term sobriety. We embrace the spirit of recovery and partner with each woman on their personal journey toward achieving self-fulfillment and realization of their dreams. Hope Beyond Hope promotes an abstinent lifestyle while gaining self-confidence, acquiring a sober support network, regaining or maintaining family relationships, and acquiring gainful employment and transitioning back to being a productive, healthy, happy woman.


Our Women’s Sober Living Services

12-Step Guidance & Support

We are a 12-step focused recovery home for women in Weymouth, MA.

On-Site House Managers

We have on-site house managers at all of our houses to provide optimal recovery support while providing a safe, alcohol and drug-free community for you or your loved ones.

Mandatory & Random Drug & Alcohol Tests

To provide a safe, drug and alcohol free living enviorment.


Our women’s sober living home in Weymouth, MA holds our guests accountable to all 12-steps, traditions and house rules. We offer a new way of life and living that helps you or your loved ones prepare for life after sober living.

Large Community Of Women

We have a large community of women actively in our sober houses and alumni who stay in frequent contact and assist women in the sober living home.

Well Known & Proven

We have established ourselves in New England as a leader in women’s recovery and in Women’s sober living.

MBTA Access

Our beautiful women’s sober home is on the MBTA line and in walking distance to many other amenities.

Focused Healing On Mind, Body And Spirit

Hope Beyond Hope is dedicated to helping women find a rewarding life path by learning new coping mechanisms and building new relationships.

Our Experience

      We have over 30 years of combined recovery. Beginning in 2003 with our sister sober living homes, Katherine House and Nicki’s Place, we have established ourselves in New England as a leader in women’s addiction recovery. We believe in being active members of the addiction recovery community. Supported by substance abuse specialists and medical professionals, we provide assistance with obtaining drug & alcohol services.  Hope Beyond Hope women’s sober living home in Weymouth, MA will give you or your loved one the best chance of experiencing meaningful and long-term recovery.  Our women’s sober living home will give you a better chance at long-term recovery, after a detox or addiction recovery program.

 Women In Recovery – It’s Something To Celebrate

Our women’s sober living home in Weymouth, MA, and the south shore has strength in numbers! Hope Beyond Hope is a sister house to Katherine’s house and Nikki’s Place located is in Braintree which has been successful for a long time. We have endless support from women in our houses and also in the community.

What Our Women are Saying

Today my life looks a lot different. I have a career in which I love, I have my daughter back full time in my custody “she is my whole entire world”, I have a god of my understanding who helps me walk through life’s challenges so I’m never alone. I am engaged to a man who understands me and accepts me for who I am. I wake up each day and I don’t obsess about a substance which is a miracle. I am a better me because of this treatment center. “My daughter doesn’t know it yet but she will be forever grateful to Sheri and this house”.. I am a living miracle.
– Former Resident

At Hope Beyond Hope I’ve begun to rebuild myself and my relationships in a sober environment, with sober support, and with a stronger sense of self. It’s afforded me the autonomy to make my own decisions and live an independent life while still feeling supported and strengthened through a sober living program. Living here has changed the way I approach sobriety and the way I approach the world. Being sober is no longer a separate part of my life, it’s an integrated part of my life that feels comfortable and easy.

 – Kimberly S

I loved it there, I go back to visit often and every time I see Sherri, that same feeling of hope and comfort comes back. Without a doubt, it saved my life. So for anyone considering Nikki’s Place, I say to you, WELCOME HOME.

– Former Resident

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Common questions and answers for our women’s sober living home in Weymouth, MA.

Q: How often will be drug tested and/or alcohol screened?
As often as the management deems necessary. Our main goal is to keep our sober living for women in Weymouth, MA safe, secure, drug and alcohol free.
Q: Can I have a car? Is parking available?
A: Yes to both. We have a large parking lot on-site to accommodate parking for our women.
Q: Can my kids visit me?
A: Yes. We believe in rebuilding family relationships. Children are welcome to visit.
Q: How long will I stay?
A: Each woman is different. Residents typically stay anywhere from 30 days, up to one year in our women’s sober living program.
Q: Are the houses co-ed?
A: Absolutely not! This is women’s sober housing only.

Our Beautiful Home

Our beautiful 22 bed sober living for women in Weymouth, MA. Please view our gallery for interior and exterior photos.

28 Front Street

Weymouth, MA 02188

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