About Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living

Let Hope Beyond Hope provide you or your loved one with a safe, structured environment in which to achieve a solid foundation in recovery.  It is our core belief that a 12 step approach to life will bring success and long term recovery.

Entering into sobriety is just a beginning.

Hope Beyond Hope is a family-style home designed to guide you or your loved one in a positive and effective direction.  We believe that healing must occur in the mind, body and, spirit.  Hope Beyond Hope is dedicated to helping women find a rewarding life path by learning new coping mechanisms and building new relationships. We provide peer support in a highly structured and encouraging environment.

Our History

The main purpose behind Hope Beyond Hope is to create an environment for women who have attained abstinence and have a desire to maintain their sobriety.  Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living in Weymouth, MA is owned and operated by recovering alcoholics who wish to provide a safe, structured and supportive home for women seeking recovery from alcohol and chemical dependency.  Our primary purpose is to help establish residents back into mainstream living as responsible, self-supporting, productive members of society.  We support residents who attend 12-step meetings regularly, obtain a sponsor within their 12-step program, participate in house meetings, and who are committed to their recovery and changing their lives.
After an individual successfully completes her 30-day probationary period, she is welcome and encouraged to stay as long as she likes.  We believe that if a woman has the desire to salvage her life, she deserves to be given a chance to do so in an environment that is conducive to, and supportive of that change. An interested applicant can be interviewed over the telephone or in person and can begin her residence immediately (provided there is a bed and she has been substance-free).  

“Recovery can open doors to life we never dreamed possible. We take pride in our home and what we have to offer, but it is up to you to take the next step”

Providing Love In Hard Times

Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living Home in Weymouth, MA promotes an abstinent lifestyle while gaining self-confidence, acquiring a sober support network, regaining or maintaining family relationships, and acquiring gainful employment and transitioning back to being a productive, healthy, happy woman. You don’t have to do this alone, we are here to help!

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