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Hope Beyond Hope Women’s Sober Living Home in Weymouth, MA

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Common questions and answers for our women’s sober living in Weymouth, MA.

Q: How often will be drug tested and/or alcohol screened?
As often as the management deems necessary. Our main goal is to keep our sober living for women in Weymouth, MA safe, secure, drug and alcohol free.
Q: Can I have a car? Is parking available?
A: Yes to both. We have a large parking lot on-site to accommodate parking for our women.
Q: Can my kids visit me?
A: Yes. We believe in rebuilding family relations. Children are welcome to visit and in many circumstances spend overnights in the house.
Q: How long will I stay?
A: Each woman is different. Residents typically stay anywhere from 30 days, up to one year.
Q: Is the house co-ed?
A: Absolutely not! This is women’s housing only.

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Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living For Women in Weymouth MA.

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