I want to be CLEAN and SOBER!

Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living in Weymouth, MA

How it can start

When you come to that hard decision to become clean and sober you have many options to choose from in the beginning. Many women can go to lavish insurance funded addiction treatment centers.

Many more can not. We are truly lucky in the state of Massachusetts that we have state-funded drug and alcohol detox facilities that the person suffering from substance use disorder can get to. This can help the women suffering from addiction to allow her body to heal and begin to clear her mind. During this time they have the opportunity to work with case managers to find them what is called aftercare. They have the choice to continue on to a CSS or 30 days of treatment. Then to a TSS to wait until a bed is available at a women’s halfway house or a women’s sober living home.

“I have found that the process of discovering who I really am begins with knowing who I really don’t want to be.”

So should I choose a sober living home?

A sober living home is a good choice for the women that are ready to take the next steps in her life to begin her journey of addiction recovery. Sober living homes are structured and have rules to follow. There are curfews and mandatory house meetings to attend. Many require that the women get a sponsor in a 12 step fellowship, as well as attend many meetings during the week. This is great to meet people that are going through what they are also going through. Drug tests are also used to make sure the sober living home guests are remaining clean and sober, as well as keeping everyone safe.


Is there any freedom?

YES! Tons! A sober living home is not intended to be a prison at all. It is a comfortable place to restart your life and to help you achieve your goals of sobriety. During your stay, you are required to either get a job, go back to school, or to enrich yourself through volunteer work. These activities combined with the above rules help place you on to the track to success. Allowing you to become the women you always dreamed of being. There are also tons of sober events you will be able to attend together with your sober sisters. This creates lifelong friendships and shows you that yes, you can have fun in recovery.

Hope Beyond Hope Women’s Sober Living in Weymouth, MA

provides a safe, structured, and pleasant environment to grow in your addiction recovery. Placed on a large lot of land in a classic colonial home with tons of room. Modern appliances and all the amenities you would want. Hope Beyond Hope Women’s Sober Living wants you to enjoy your recovery in comfort while you work on the 12 steps, attend meetings and most of all. Fall in love with yourself.

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