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Hope Beyond Hope Sober Living in Weymouth, MA

Getting into recovery is not a dream we have growing up.

In fact, our only vision of an addict was someone who drank out of paper bags, always looked dirty, smelled funny, and our parents told us not to stare.  As school children playing the game “MASH” at lunch time , one of the houses to live in was not a “half way house”.

Growing up I always envisioned my first trip to Cambridge, MA would be for Harvard orientation, not detox at Dimmick.

However, both did involve a roommate,  matching bedding, and an extremely good education.  I do not feel slighted a bit. Except for the bedding, the sandpaper sheet set at Dimmick was a bit tough on the skin as opposed to the Vera Bradley set I would have had my eyes on for my dorm. (Can’t win them all!)
Recovery has given me the very best education I have ever received. I have my Bachelor’s in Business, and I feel that in almost two years of recovery I have my Ph.D. and it is an ongoing curriculum.  The cost of admission is simply the willingness to surrender yourself to a higher power and have a fire in you that will do anything to stop using. Get honest with yourself and have an open mind and your possibilities are endless. The best part about recovery is your effort and attitude determine your success and your altitude. You are provided all the tools and support you need to turn your life into whatever it is that you have always dreamed of. What a beautiful gift that is.

“I knew it was time to enter recovery when I woke up one morning and had experienced the worst nightmare of all time.”

I had spent two days in a row, in the same clothes, isolating myself from the world, self-pity, surrounded by wine bottles, and had zero desire to ever leave that position on the couch.

The more I thought about my dream and looked around, the more I realized it wasn’t a dream at all, it was my reality.  I grabbed my cell phone in a pure panic to check my outlook calendar to see what meetings I had scheduled that day, what calls and texts I had missed.  I was convinced I had my phone on airplane mode and that is why I had zero missed calls, zero missed meetings, and zero upcoming work meetings or obligations for the next weeks.  In fact, the only action I had on my phone was group text from a newly formed group of my family members called “Team Landree” begging and pleading for me to go to rehab. Actually, first and foremost, begging me to respond before my mother had to send the cops over to do a wellness check on me thinking I may be dead.
With ice in my veins and hope in my heart, I got on a plane to Boston.  Thankfully my family organized every last detail and all I had to do was show up.  Most likely to their surprise, and my own, I showed up, sober, scared out of my mind, and ready to make a change. I didn’t love myself enough to change for me at the point in time, but I loved them enough to want to stop hurting them, so no matter what that took I was willing to do that. My days of drinking were fear based, anxiety, wanting to change the world and not being able to, etc.  All things that I thought only affected ME.  Little did I know that I was robbing myself and my family and friends, co-workers, of the real me. I know the person I am and what I have to offer the world.  That person inspires ME!  My self-destruction was a weather natural disaster, taking out everything in its course.  I pray that I can walk away from the recovery living situation and continue to live a recovery life being a power of example everywhere I go.  Sharing there is no shame, and in fact no greater courage, then looking yourself in the mirror and getting honest with yourself and being brave enough to do something about it.

We only have one life.  One body.  One ” today.”  Stop and smell the roses, look on the bright side, and always keep in mind on the tougher days, “this too shall pass”.


Recovery is the gift that keeps on giving.  We have to get through the mess to spread the message!  If you or someone you love are struggling with the thought of entering into recovery, please go to an AA meeting.  You will never find a warmer welcome anywhere in your life. Strangers become family, and they love you until you learn to love yourself again. I have witnessed it first hand.  It is a miracle.
— Landree Sarata.

Hope Beyond Hope Women’s Sober Living in Weymouth, MA

provides a safe, structured, and pleasant environment to grow in your addiction recovery. Placed on a large lot of land in a classic colonial home with tons of room. Modern appliances and all the amenities you would want. Hope Beyond Hope Women’s Sober Living wants you to enjoy your recovery in comfort while you work on the 12 steps, attend meetings and most of all. Fall in love with yourself.

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