House Rules

Entering into sobriety is just a beginning. Let Hope Beyond Hope provide you or your loved one with a safe, structured environment in which to achieve a solid foundation in recovery. It is our core belief that a 12-step approach to life will bring success and long-term recovery. We offer a unique communal setting to make connections and grow in new and healthy ways.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Personal possession or knowledge of another resident’s possession of alcohol, drug or paraphernalia is grounds for immediate loss of housing.

12-Step Guidance & Support

Residents must begin working the 12 step steps of Alcoholics Anonymous within the first 30 days. Recovery, Unity, and Service are the legacies of AA's 12 step program.

AA was founded in 1935 and we found to be the most effective way to recover from the hopeless state of mind and body. We have over 30 years in recovery due to the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The twelve steps focus on the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Drug & Alcohol Tests

To keep our house safe and recovery focused we have mandatory supervised drug and alcohol screenings.

Large Community Of Women

Our network of women's sober living homes - Katherine House, Nicki's Place, and Hope Beyond Hope - provides almost 40 beds for women in recovery.

We are a large community in our own right and our houses are also a part of a much larger recovery community on the South Shore.

We believe in being active members of the community. Supported by substance abuse specialists and medical professionals, we provide assistance with obtaining drug & alcohol services. Our own personal experience allows for a special hands-on approach to developing new & positive thinking and action.

Our Proven Process

Aside from AA sponsorship, residents must have regular employment, school or structured therapy such as IOP within the first 30 days. Residents are required to attend daily AA meetings and select a home group. Rooms will remain neat & clean and daily chores must be completed. Residents have a nightly curfew and are subject to random alcohol and drug screens.


Accountability is a big part of recovery. We have rules in place that not only help the house run smooth, but help our residents carry a heightened level of personal responsibility into her every day life.

Each woman is held accountable for...

  • Maintaining a clean and organized room
  • Obtaining a 12-step sponsor within 30 days
  • Obtaining an employment/education/outpatient program within 30 days
  • Abiding by curfew
  • Participating in community time
  • Performing assigned chores
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